PARP (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development) PROJECT 1.4

PARP (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development) PROJECT 1.4

Project implemented under Measure 1.4 of the Innovative Economy Operational Program 2007-2013


“Development of a mobile automatic system for spatial measurements of the geometry of mine shafts”

The purpose of this project is to carry out research and development work designed to create a mobile automatic system for spatial measurements of the geometry of mine shafts, including their infrastructure elements. The developed system will use terrestrial laser scanning technology and the positioning support systems of the inertial measurement unit. This system will allow spatial models of scanned objects to be created using the geometrical “point clouds” obtained from the measurements and recorded.
Currently, measurements of geometry elements in mine shafts are made using conventional mining surveying techniques. The major drawback of such measurements is that they use stationary measurement procedures (the cage stops at selected points); due to this, such measurements are highly time-consuming and the operations in a given shaft must be stopped for the time of carrying out measurements. The fact that only selected characteristic elements of the shaft are measured also has an impact on the quality and completeness of the information on the technical condition of the structure surveyed. Current measurements only give a picture of some parts of the mine shaft structure. Moreover, due to the requirement of continuous inspection and monitoring of technical structures in mines, the applicant perfectly fits the niche of mine surveying measurements in the market.
As an effect of its research project, the company SKALA 3D plans to develop a measurement system model that will allow long downtimes to be avoided in mines, while the information acquired will allow us to better monitor the mine facilities and ensure higher safety for such facilities and their users.

The result of this project will be the development of a complete measurement system that will be capable of making precise surveying measurements of the shaft geometry during the movement of the shaft cage, and hence a mobile system.
According to the knowledge of the authors of this project (based on their review of the professional literature and their activities in the surveying market), there are no mobile automatic laser scanning systems for measurement of the geometry of mine shafts and their infrastructure elements, either in Poland or in the world. Therefore, the development of a new innovative product will allow an entirely new product to be marketed.
This project is designed to develop a measurement system whose output will be a spatial model of the entire object being measured. Due to this new measurement technology, not only the measurement time itself will be shortened, but a whole range of additional possibilities for the use of this technology will open up, among others:

  • a comprehensive system for archiving the geometrical condition of an object – data frozen in time;
  • the possibility to compare the technical condition of a structure (mine shafts) in time – the determination of deformations and displacements of the structure;
  • the possibility of making spatial visualization of particular elements – pieces of equipment in the shaft;
  • the possibility of creating a 3D model of the structure or object;
  • the possibility of modeling and thus designing shaft reinforcement elements based on 3D models developed.

The period of implementation of the research and development part of the project: October 1, 2011 – October 15, 2014.

This project is co-financed from funds of the European Regional Development Fund

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