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EU Projects

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At the beginning, there was… a project that was successful, that is, our firm received a grant. Then, some companies known to us that were interested in obtaining EU grants started to contact us. Satisfied with the outcome, they recommended us to next firms.
We have experience in the preparation and implementation of projects under both national and regional programs. Our company’s hands-on experience in the implementation of our own projects co-financed from EU funds is the most valuable source of knowledge for our clients.


What Distinguishes Us?

    We do not write hackneyed projects that follow one pattern. Our main goal is not only to prepare an application, but to prepare a project that will really obtain co-financing.

    We are not “an application factory”, that is, a consultancy firm that writes projects for the sake of writing. Due to this, we can devote more time to elaborate in detail each application in order to maximize its chance of obtaining co-financing.
    Statistics are the key to success. 100% is always suspicious; we have 90% effectiveness in obtaining EU funds. If you are interested in a non-standard approach to this subject, you have come to the right place.

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