Project PARP 2.3.2

Project PARP 2.3.2

Intelligent Development Operational Program

Priority axis 2 – Supporting the environment and the potential of enterprises to conduct R&D&I activity

2.3. Pro-innovative services for enterprises 

2.3.2. Vouchers for innovation for SMEs

“Design of a modular Mobile Mining Platform based on laser scanning technology”

The main objective of the project is a significant improvement of the Mobile Mining Platform (MMP), so the development of a modular project of a mobile mining platform based on laser scanning technology. The implementation of the project will allow increasing the functional potential of the system for measuring mining shafts and facilities where there is no possibility of receiving a GNSS signal (inside the building) as well as objects like railway lines. The consequence of introducing the product innovation will be the change in the construction of key mechanical components, i.e. housing, mounting and stabilizing frames, depreciation and protection of cable connectors. Thanks to this, the platform elements will be protected against the influence of external factors. The improvement will result in a significant reduction in the weight of both the entire platform and its individual modules, and thus:


  • the number of employees necessary to assemble the platform will decrease,
  • assembly of the measurement system will be faster and easier,
  • work safety will increase.


The precision and quality of measurements will also increase by:

  • ensuring stable operating conditions of scanners and a positioning and control module (no phenomenon of evaporation of scanners and electronics),
  • an increase in the stiffness of the system structure, and thus the stability of the angular-linear relationships between the individual system components,
  • greater amortization of vibrations occurring while the platform is moving on the head of the shaft cage – both scanners and the inertial unit – which will improve the quality of the obtained data (scanners) and eliminate measurement noise (in the case of IMU).

As a result of the project, the applicant’s offer will be unrivalled in the world due to the parameters (accuracy, time and quality of the measurement). Measurements can be made in places with very difficult atmospheric conditions for measuring devices, also in a humid and dusty environment.

Project implementation time: 1.06. – 31/12/2017

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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