Project LAWP 3.7

Project LAWP 3.7


“Implementation of the results of R&D works on the Mobile Mining Platform for measurement of mining shafts”

Project implemented under Priority Axis 3 Competitiveness of enterprises
3.7. Increased competitiveness of SMEs

The main objective of the project is to implement the results of R&D works, which will significantly improve the mine shaft measurement process. Upgrading the construction of the Mobile Mining Platform will allow primarily to increase work safety in the shaft, reduce the measurement time from two to one shifts, shorten the time of processing the obtained data and enable more efficient data management. There will occur a fundamental change in the technological measurement process as a result of the project. Using the IMU properties will allow to eliminate mechanical divisions and laser plummeting, and introducing algorithms and IT solutions (NvidiaCUDA) for the process of determining the trajectory of passing the cage in the shaft.  An essential issue is the change of the platform’s structure (ultra-light and rigid frame – carbon fiber construction – significant reduction of the platform’s weight). Important is also modification in platform panel control and rationalization of data collection as well as software for calculating, analyzing and presenting measurement results.

Thanks to the above changes, there will be a huge increase in the efficiency of services. The second, equally important goal is non-technological marketing innovation – entering the global markets. As a result of the project, the Applicant will offer services and products at the highest technological level.

The Applicant’s offer will become unrivaled in the world due to the parameters offered by MMP (accuracy of measurement, time of measurement, time of data processing). The implementation of the results of R&D works will allow a significant change in the company’s marketing through expansion into foreign markets.


The implementation of the project will contribute to:

  • increasing competitiveness in the Lublin region and nationwide leading to faster economic growth, and in the future also on the international market,
  • achievement of the main objective will contribute to increasing the attractiveness and rank of the region in the field of geodesy, and to the growth of economic activity, and thus the result of the Lublin market. Due to the fact that the Lubelskie Voivodeship, in Poland, is a less developing area, the implementation of the project will contribute to a high rate of economic growth. Therefore, it will increase competitiveness and the quality of life of the region’s population. The project will attract investors to the Lublin region,
  • support for the development of modern economy sectors, because the project concerns innovative laser scanning solutions,
  • technological development and innovation through the use of industrial research and development works,
  • increasing the availability, use and quality of information and communication technologies,
  • increasing the competitiveness of small enterprises,
  • permanent employment of highly qualified people,
  • closer cooperation with research centers,
  • increasing the competitiveness of the Lublin region leading to faster economic growth,
  • creating conditions to compete in the national and global system.


Project implementation time: 1.06.2017 – 31/05/2018.

Value of the project PLN 2 253 513.75

Contribution of European Funds PLN 1 282 487.50

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