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The company SKALA 3D has existed since 2003. From its inception, we have based its operations on our family traditions related to land surveying and this company “grew out”of these roots. With the passage of time as we gained more experience, we expanded the scope of services to include photogrammetry and indoor mapping. We are particularly specialized in laser scanning and the development of mobile measurement systems; in this area, we have already acquired a wide range of experience. We operate efficiently and are well acquainted with the mining and robotic environment. We are also familiar with issues related to databases and polar engineering. Many years of professional experience coupled with our comprehensive education and modernity give our company a unique niche character.


We have always placed an emphasis on two paths of development: production practice and research & development projects. In our opinion, the one cannot exist without the other and at the same time they ideally complement each other. Commercial projects allow us to develop our entrepreneurship and the company’s capital, while scientific projects keep up our “spirit of innovation”. We never intend to give up on this duo.



GPS measurements, at the background the Hornsund  Fjord (Spitsbergen, Norway)


The company SKALA 3D is open to a wide range of cooperation. The purpose is one: diversification of projects.


The company SKALA 3D is a team of young people with a passion who continually expand their horizons, attempting new challenges again and again. Our specialisms include engineering and industrial surveying, geoinformatics, photogrammetry, GIS, polar engineering and robotics, and we develop best in these areas. Our field of operation allows us to combine the pleasant with the useful, that is, passion and work. We have participated in many expeditions to the Polar Station of the Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences on Spitsbergen and have carried out quite a few interesting scientific projects there.

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