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SKALA 3D was established in 2003 and has been on the market ever since, taking the family’s tradition in land surveying to a higher level.
Over time, we have gained sufficient experience to expand the range of services provided, so that they now include photogrammetry and indoor mapping. Our particular specialization is laser scanning and developing mobile measurement systems, in which area we are already highly proficient.
We are efficient and fully acquainted with the mining and robotic environment. We are also familiar with a range of issues related to databases and polar engineering. Many years of professional experience combined with broad education and an innovative approach of our team give SKALA 3D a unique, niche character.


We have always put a strong emphasis on two developmental paths: production practice and research and development projects. We believe that neither of them can exist without the other and that they complement each other brilliantly. Commercial projects allow us to develop our entrepreneurial skills and the company’s capital, while scientific projects stimulate our spirit of innovation. We are never going to give up on the combo.



GPS measurements against the background of the Hornsund Fjord (Spitsbergen, Norway)


SKALA 3D is open to all manner of cooperation, with our primary purpose being to further increase the diversity of our projects.


SKALA 3D is a team of young professionals with a real passion for what they do, who continue to broaden their horizons by regularly taking on new challenges. We specialize in engineering and industrial surveying, geoinformatics, photogrammetry, GIS, polar engineering and robotics, which are – at the same time – the areas of expertise in which we develop most effectively.
Our professional pursuits make it possible for us to combine business with pleasure, to work and indulge our passion simultaneously. We have, for example, participated in numerous expeditions to the Polish Polar Station of the Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, in Spitsbergen, where we carried out quite a few interesting projects.

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